Youth Mentoring

We focus on developing and improving the daily life skills of our clients including (but not limited to); improving social and communication skills, developing self-confidence and encouraging social and community participation through active, engaging recreational activities.

We are NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) accredited and can provide services if you already have this funding. However, if you don't, we have easy and manageable payment options available. These can be discussed during a one-on-one consultation with our team.

Family Support

Our services don't just stop with the young people we work with, we also extend our support to the Family as a whole by providing them with the tools they will need to continue their child's progress while at home. This includes; offering AUSLAN sessions to improve at home communication,* guidance on how to manage difficult situations that may arise/have arisen already and providing support to encourage a positive home environment.

*sessions can be done at home or via Skype.


We provide workshops on various topics that focus on your child's needs and relate to current life stages. We answer all the questions they'll have, and educate them on issues they need to be made aware of in a manner that all children can understand regardless of their ability or background. These include; developing interpersonal skills, providing information regarding the topic of Puberty, in-depth discussions about bullying and online safety, plus much more.

Support for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Our Youth Workers are equipped with excellent AUSLAN skills as well as fantastic oral communication abilities. These are non-negotiable skills for our Workers, when working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. See our section "Family Support" above for how we can help parents perfect these skills as well.

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Youth Support Extended

Whether your child is challenged with a physical or intellectual disability, stuggles with mental illness or just needs a little extra help, we can provide the support they need. Through planning appropriate social activities, to encouraging independence regardless of adversity, we can provide a tailored program to help them improve their daily life skills and achieve their goals.

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