About Us

Our Approach

We are an organisation comprised of fully qualified Youth Workers experienced in mentoring and supporting children both with and without disabilities. With our personalised programs, we work one-on-one with children, young adults and their families to overcome barriers and learn to become self-sufficient and independent individuals regardless of their background.


Our Story

Youth in Bloom is founded by two Youth Workers passionate about helping today's youth 'bloom' into completely independent individuals. Nicollette and Claudia come with extensive experience working as Mentors and Support Workers, having worked with larger Deaf organisations and residential care units for many years. Throughout their years in these organisations, they noticed a significant gap in the services traditionally provided and allowed. Wanting to do more for their clients, Youth in Bloom was born as a way to provide better, more extensive and personalised solutions so children and young adults can grow into self-sufficient individuals faster. Their passion lies in ensuring all children have the opportunity to learn independence in all areas of life, regardless of their ability or background, as well as providing tools to families to continue this work at home to better their chances of success.

Meet our Youth Workers


Nicollette Simeon

Founder & Youth Worker

Nicollette is a qualified Youth Worker with a Bachelor in Youth Work and many years of experience working with community service organisations across Melbourne, specialising in working with children of all backgrounds including those identifying as Deaf, Intellectually Disabled and all in-between.


Claudia Danese

Founder & Youth Worker

Claudia is a Youth Worker with a Degree in Youth Work and experienced with many years working for community service organisations as a Support Worker. Throughout her years she has helped these clients overcome challenges and learn the skills needed to grow as independent individuals through education and one-on-one mentoring.


Next Steps...

Take a look through our services and what our qualified Youth Workers can provide, and contact us today to book a consultation and discuss how we can support your family.